What is the Building Data Exchange?

The Building Data Exchange is a platform which will unlock one of the largest unexplored data sets in the Built Environment. It contains data collected through Innovate UK’s Building Performance Evaluation programme, which analysed how well real buildings performed. The Building Data Exchange makes this data open and accessible to the built environment community, digital innovators, designers and entrepreneurs.

What’s available?

The Building Performance Evaluation programme supported over 100 projects over a period of four years. The resulting data has been collected into reports which are available to all via the Building Data Exchange.

How can I use the reports?

The reports on the Building Data Exchange are fully searchable. You can use keywords to search for the data relevant to you. You can use the reports to develop new business and technological approaches for the buildings we live and work in.

Who is involved in the project?

The Building Data Exchange has been developed by the Digital Catapult. The data has been provided by Innovate UK.

How can I get involved?

We want people from across the built environment community, digital innovators, designers and entrepreneurs to access the data in the exchange and use this to develop new and innovative solutions which address the challenges faced by the built environment. You can become a member of the exchange to get access to all of our reports and data.

Working with reports

You can use the Building Data Exchange to search for the reports and data useful to you.  Search using keyword tags to find reports and download the reports to read them on your device.  You must register to download reports from the Building Data Exchange.

Who is the Digital Catapult?

The Digital Catapult develops breakthroughs for the UK around four areas of opportunity.

  1. Sharing closed data between organisations
  2. Sharing personal data in a way that’s secure and trusted
  3. Sharing content and licensed data more simply
  4. Sharing data generated across the Internet of Things

These are the hard kinds of data to share, but offer huge potential – an estimated £200bn of value could be unlocked for the UK. We do this by sparking pioneering collaborations and marketplaces to accelerate economic growth and productivity.

Our first Centre opened in London in November 2014 and there is now a growing network of Digital Catapult Centres and communities across the UK. From running pilot projects through to large scale initiatives, the Digital Catapult takes actions to fix real problems and enables innovation to happen with impact. The Centres provide our community with a space in which they can work, meet, showcase and collaborate to benefit their organisation and the wider UK economy.

All the Digital Catapult’s work is in collaboration with others – including startups, small and large businesses, academia, innovation clusters and the public sector. We help others work together, we never work alone.

Find out more www.digicatapult.org.uk