North West Reports / Marks and Spencer Cheshire Oaks Store

Cheshire Oaks is Marks & Spencer's second largest premier store, carrying the full product catalogue, and their third ‘sustainable learning store'. The aim of sustainable learning stores is to provide a bank of knowledge and experience in the sustainable practices surrounding the design, construction, commissioning and operation of buildings.
Overall there have been relatively few technical issues with the operation of its systems. This is reflected through the fact that the annual energy consumption of the building is well below the designer’s estimates.
Where there have been teething problems, they have mostly been quickly resolved. The POE process itself was key to ensuring that the performance of the various systems was reported back to the relevant party in a timely manner. The wider lessons for industry that can be gained from the experiences at Cheshire Oaks are that the successful operation relies on having a clear end to end strategy for the building’s performance which all parties should be signed up to. Taking a building from its original concept to a fully operational building has many steps along the way, and things can go wrong at any of these stages if the requisite focus isn’t given to the in-use performance. 
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