North East Reports / Sinclair Meadows Carbon Negative Community Village

The Sinclair Meadows development was designed as mixed-use, with twenty one dwellings including nine of, three-bed terraced houses and a 3-storey apartment block containing twelve of, two-bed apartment dwellings.
Constructed with a solid timber frame using a combination of NBT Pavatherm-Plus, PavaFlex insulation, Scottish Larch Timber Cladding, and NBT Diffutherm, the site is served by a biomass district heating system. In addition Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels generate electricity for the homes whilst rainwater is harvested for toilet flushing and gardening.
The results from the Sinclair Meadows development show that a fabric first approach to building design and construction can result in a significant reduction in energy demand for space heating compared to the building stock.
  • Domestic
  • Social rent